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Closet part 2

Model : Lilly

And a lot of Undiz underwear.

So this time we were at home, where I wish to create a photostudio.

It has a lot of good sides to shoot indoor, at home… it is warm, I can take my time… drink wine… making bondage mistakes (there are a few in the picture I am showing but because I am starting again, I have to accept mistakes!) (otherwise I wouldn’t show any of my work…), do nude. No stress !

So here are the results, comments much appreciated !


Dark bride – part III

Chaos and freedom,

Why an update so quick ? I cut my thumb at work so the only thing I can do is geeking all day… hate it. Here is the last part of our day with Marie.

Model : Marie Mei

Stylist and hair : Rozy Trotter

Clothing by Rozy too !


Dark Bride – part II

Seeking freedom.

Model : Marie Mei

Stylist : Rozy Trotter

Same day, same place !



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Dark bride

July 20th, “Dark bride”

I really wish to take that set to another point, I think there is so much more to do here. I have missed mask and ropes, they liberate (yes yes) so much emotions. They draw out inner energy and it is so palpable on the set ! We actually shoot the 1st part of our journey at the end of it, so we were actually more comfortable with each other. Meeting Marie Mei was an extraordinary experience ! she is so much fun… There will be 2 more sets to come with her, keep updated. Comments are welcome.

Model : Marie Mei

Stylist : Rozy Trotter

Same mates as usual for equipment.