The worm inside


“The worm inside,” 1st solo exhibition.

Et au milieu

From March 2nd to March 29th 2013.

“The worm inside”. About feelings. About melting away and coming back again and again like the phoenix. Losing one feather as a price for resurrection. Two imperfect images looking at each other, representing the constant swinging from one side to the other. The fleeting side of fame and self confidence. And the dark side where the worm lays in the rotten cells, this riverbank where sadness and fear own (my) names. Come and make the bridge between those two women who have no faces.

See for yourself, in which situation you are at your best. Some of us might like it deep and sorrowful. Some of us might enjoy the glorious flame of vanity. Come with your own mask and tell us the truth, while you are standing between an open door to the corrupted soul and the blindfolded eyes of truth.

Setting : @Ands Tartines 

Misaki front

場所:Ands Tartines


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