The first idea was to shoot on “Birth”, but the more I looked at the pictures, the more I saw some logic behind it, a logic that was going far more than just birth. A cycle of life, with a beautiful blossom of grace and upside down head, something complicated where we fight to find our place. 

At the edge of the new year, we all start with some special missions. It is hard to say, “let’s keep it the same as 2013” without thinking “let’s make it even better”. I had the great opportunity to start the year with Apollo as a model, who can interpret a wild range of emotions and being very honest still. It was an amazing time in this abandoned leisure park, where the police gave us a visit thinking someone was hanging dead from the ceiling of the upper floor. Anyway, they left, disturbed by Apollo’s outfit 😉 we obviously weren’t doing anything wrong. 

Leave a comment ! I have my two favorites, but I had to make it logical, so here is “(re)cycle “in 8 shoots.

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One thought on “Lifecycle

  1. Slavica says:

    Otsukaresama. Decline I ga ichiban ki ni itteru 🙂

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