Un plaisir.

Each things I do, I seek for happiness in it. It is my true motto, be happy. When something start to bother me, I either give up, or  I take it under another angle.

The sunny angle.

Take your sweater off ladies, we are going out enjoying some real lights.

How cool it was to shoot with 200 iso, and having crazy shutter speed, over 1000 ! I haven’t seen that for ages, forgive me. It’s actually my first shooting daytime, really outside with bright sun that caused me little sunburns (It kind of hurt during the rope bondage lesson I took after). Having the sun really made the difference.

Moreover, the shooting was fun as my new model is a friend. We were both quite relax (not at the beginning, so I got again 20 crappy pics to start with).

The pictures themselves are very simple. Coming back to the roots, working the lines, the environment. A little bit of rust and dust. It is Zero’s way of coming back on track. Easy go.

Here is a preview, more coming up soon.

Model : Kurumi

MUA : me

Location : Osaka Japan.

D90 Nikkor f1.8 50mm. And Mr Sun.


2 thoughts on “Un plaisir.

  1. laura says:

    j’aime beaucoup cette photo

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