Hook me up!

Body suspension, Matrix, April 2012

The pictures will not do justice to the tough work of all the artists who contributed to this shooting did. So I’ll speak as a witness; it was absolutely beautiful. I always thought that body suspension was about blood and skin overstretch, pain and craziness. I was wrong. Yes the skin stretches, but no blood ( which makes the whole thing quite unreal. That is why a good thriller movie is full of blood. So our imagination can work on something I guess) (anyway). Pain. Well, it doesn’t seem painless, got to tell the truth but they both overcome it and actually posed for me. A little smile here, look there. Craziness? hum… I’d say a bit. Artists and genius have a bit of craziness to push their limits forward, again and again.

It was art. In its absolute and pure form ( putting aside all the decoration). The human body used fully to perform art. I don’t know if I express my feelings well here. You might just believe my words when I  say, it was beautiful and transcending.

I will kick butt one day and that day, I’ll give the pictures to express these feelings. Body suspension rocks.

Forgive the mess of the gallery “Matrix“, I am still figuring out how I could get that website slightly easier to travel in.

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One thought on “Hook me up!

  1. Ellie Streichholz says:

    My second body suspension – 12 hooks, reclining pose. Fear not – these photos affect the heart, not the stomach. Vanessa Rei Rolland is an artist and a miracle worker! She captured myself and Milla Reika perfectly as we did our next-level hook suspension. There’s no blood, no horror… These are stark, quiet shots of something moving.

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