What was TPP doing on the 3.11…


One of those anniversary I will remember better than some of my friends’ birthday. Not that it’s a good thing, just the way it is when you live in Japan, when you’ve lived in Japan for 3 years and you where here when Earth spitted its crap on Tohoku.

So, as I statued on my FbK, I wanted to make that day awesome because I can.

After many thoughts, Yume (my model for this shooting) and I decided to do our first piece of work together in my flat. The two light boxes set-up in a 6 tatami size room (fairly small space, I felt like I was shooting in a box full of dangerous traps), and all the make-up ready to assist a “shuffle session” ; all the conditions were here to have fun.

Goal : she wants to get a portfolio, I want to see if I can make her one, or at least contribute to it. Testing my aptitude to it.

Anyway, here is one of the picture that came out after 3 hours of a very relax photoshoot surrounded by a monstrous mess and a bottle of French yummy Chablis wine. I love my work!

More coming soon. Stick around 😉

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