Dekitta !

Got to be honest, I didn’t put that much post-prod into that set ( I usually don’t do much anyway, but it just less than usual) (all because I am not awesome at post-prod).

The shooting with Misaki was a great experience as I was (and still am) in a period of doubts about my art. I always doubt of it, it just got worst. Lately I have been out of my mind. I didn’t realize it until I missed appointments, forgot to call friends when I was suppose to, had nothing to talk about in general… well that is rare, I always have something to say.

So, having a bold hot chick in front of me with bandages covering brand new piercings ( all that screwed nicely with the make-up… or made it more adventurous) kind of freaked me out first. Then, we shoot. And I can compare it with a quiet conversation between two persons who understand each others doubts and fears. A very quiet conversation where I felt as naked as she was. The whole set I didn’t feel easy about me being there and I think she felt the same. Maybe I am wrong. But it is how I read it now.

Each photo shoot as its own story, its own feelings. I hope they sweat on the pictures. It is fascinating to work with another being, in a such close and intimate dimension. It is complex and highly enjoyable if things go forward smoothly. But I like the idea that each photo shooting will give me a greater experiment of what “human being” means.

Check the full set here :

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