The day after…

In many ways, I haven’t changed an inch. I thought I did, I was free from some feelings that wouldn’t interfere with my creativity and my happiness. Yesterday was a long day of painful thoughts, procrastination and me looking at me in this fucking mirror for countless time. Then, life kicked in and Misaki the Great model and cancel machine accepted to pose for me.

We went in a love hotel, me super excited to have on the spot a brand new bold Misaki and my new soft light boxes. As she has no hair it seemed to me that her self confidence kind of flushed away but… my personal thoughts on this matter.

I always start with a dozen of shitty pictures : warm up. Then there is always a fucking hit. I usually get my favorite picture out of a whole set in the beginning of the session. So then it is an endless fight to get shots as good as the one. But the one is sometimes here just to keep me motivated ( as usually the 1st dozen makes me doubt badly about the whole idea of having a camera in my hand)

Anyway. The shooting was great, the atmosphere relaxed. It is my 2nd time shooting nude, there was a glimpse of tension at one point, I could feel and I fear it. But then, it went smoothly.

Woke up this morning, went through the set again, hated it. As always. It is what I called “The day after”. Few things look good. But I could have done better, the model was great, the room was alright ( not worth ¥5000 tho). Argh, I’ll be back.

Her set will be online soon.

You can get an idea here :

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