et ouai!


Voilà un truc de fait… Chui en mode sentiments partagés, quand j’aurai assimilé on en reparle!

Here it is, the big shot! At the transnational art exhibition at Osaka contemporary art center until Saturday 21th!
See you there

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3 thoughts on “et ouai!

  1. twixraider says:

    Bravo! Do you know this portal for competitions?
    But watch out, some competitions have not-so-fair entry fees… did I mention that I would trade a custom business card for a photo of Vanessa as happy winner of a Namazu shirt?

    • triplebulle says:

      You are easy in business ! Do I have to wear the t-shirt? Coz to be honest, it is slightly to small…

      • twixraider says:

        Bah, if you know what you want and give me the final text content and some material to play with (even I prefer pure typography and symbols), it’s just a little finger execise and a welcome variety from my dull layout jobs for me. Well, if the shirt doesn’t expand by wearing and you feel or look like a Salami, maybe one of your models fits in it. If you have a shooting anyway and there’s a mirror, you could do a quick over-the-shoulder snapshot, you behind her and you both in the mirror. If it’s not too much effort. Yes, I would feature both names and links and stuff in the blog entry.

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