Naruto’s step.

To be at Osaka Contemporary art center in January ! Here I come, full of wonders.

Here we go, Transnational Art 2012 and I am in the catalogue with a bunch of artists from here and away. Check the blog

Transnational Art 2012

Some many things to do, very exciting thou. I can’t wait to see Tomoko’s pic in huge size, up the wall. I have to get ready a decent portfolio, re-make my business card ( coz I am an idiot who printed 250 cards with a wrong phone number), work on my website and DeviantArt… And packing to go home ! 2 more days and I’ll have to speak a language I am slowly forgetting. Exciting !

I need to find my way as well as photographer. As writer (well the way is to finish that goddam book, right John?).

Great news as well, some shoots will be exposed for an indefinite time at Matrix bar (thank you Milla !).

Check the Matrix website here :http:

Matrix SM bar, Osaka

A lot of things going on, kicking my pessimism and my self-confidence. It is not really high yet, but maybe I will wake-up in 2012 with more positive feelings towards my work. We’ll see !

PS : “Naruto”, because at the beginning of the manga, he keeps on saying that with hard work, we can change fate. You can become who you want if you work hard for it. I want to believe that but…hum I am not gonna change in one day.


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