Artist ?

I have to write an artist statement. Not a will. A statement, I am still alive. Shit.

Question answering.

1- When is the 1st time you realize you were an artist?

When I couldn’t stop myself from creating. Whatever media, from beads to japanese papers, making necklaces then lamps, then drawing shit… and I wish I could try more, music, sculpture, paint, but I now have to focus on two things ; writing and photography.

When I do something with my hands that calls out my imagination, it feels better than meditation. Not breathing the same air, maybe some pure oxygen that send me out of space. Out there, it feels good, everything is possible but yet, not real, everything lays in my mind, ready to go out in a solid form of all the ideas that turn around my head like satellites. Then, the finish produces lays in front of me, I land on Earth again coz I am pissed off at myself, “baaaah, that sucks !” ” you fool of shit” “you will never do great”…(that is for a very bad day!)

Back to Zero. My dear starting and finishing point, just different dimensions.

But I ain’t gonna write that in my statement, neither my will.

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