Commun island

Just finished with ” Shutter Island” by Scorsese.


The “oh wow, what a surprise!” at the end just doesn’t work anymore. Especially when the thread is huge like a boat rope, making it so obvious that the dude is nut starting the beginning. (fuck, you didn’t know it ? Sorry, I blew the surprise)

Some moments are visually cool, like in that C building. It is clean and spooky enough to freak me out a little. Then, well. No original, it seems that Scorsese likes to do mainstream (get more money), maybe he could add some Elastic woman to make it a BLOCKBUSTER yum. I am being mean.

I just think that now, an end that follows the flow is more likely to surprise me, as american directors can’t bloody help it creating a huge u-turn, the hero is a bad-ass, reality is not what it has seemed for the last 2 hours… Anyway, come on guys, you can do better than this. Stop thinking that all your audience is brain damaged and doesn’t realize you are sending them in a common island. No fun anymore.

Appart from that, I also watched ” Valentine day”, very awful, but good if you work at the same time. All the actors from failed tv show plus some actors that needed some extra money were there, how awesome. Julia Roberts, please… what is with you, people are suffering a hell of economical crisis and you are giving us the worst of your acting skill.

Then, I watched “Bad Ass”. Thank you. That was brilliant in many way, being very naive and bouh ! (real) surprise, there was blood (of fuck that huge micro-wave!). It made wonder if better being the superheroe or the bad ass. Any opinion? (apart from “your english sucks young lady”?). The screenplay was well-done, enough of everything (even a love story), well balanced and following the flow ( no useless flashback that would make you think the guy is nut, or better, thinking that it is actually the future, before the end, you discover it was just a dream tralalalala, pouf you are lost), and the visual atmosphere was rather sharp and clean (it made me think of “Dick Tracy” but can’t say why). In all, a very cool movie, floating out of the rather boring land of fake cerebral masturbation that the latest movies have been giving us as ” 5 stars menu” (the “Usual suspect” stream I recon). Bye les chefs !


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