Sympathy for vengeance.

Just finished to watch the last film of Park Chan-Wook’s vengeance trilogy, “Sympathy for Lady vengeance”. It wasn’t the best one, as all my movie freak mates warned me but, it raised this impossible question for me again ; how far would you go to take revenge? Not talking about super elaborated plans, no but in term of blood.

I felt really bad while watching “I saw the devil” because at some point I felt joy and relieved when Lee Byung-Un starts torturing Choi Min-Sik. Ok, for those who haven’t seen that movie yet, Lee is the “good” guy taking revenge upon Choi, the “bad” guy that we are all happy to see suffering like hell. Not all? my bad, I enjoyed it. Where does that “it feels good to see you suffering u bastard” feeling come from? For example, talking about “Irreversible” (not Korean but French fries) that shows 1st the vengeance and then, the reason of the vengeance didn’t feel quite the same to me. We need to feel the anger first before appreciating the violence of the “counter-attack”. “Irreversible” is not more about the vengeance itself then but about the prior act of rape and the seek for vengeance. The way things were connected was too uspide-down to want the vengeance, it was more of “good they smashed his head at the beginning”. There is probably a lot to talk about here but I am rather sleepy.

Question is, are we able as human to apply that “eye for an eye” rule when it comes to face someone that tortured or raped a family member or a very close person. Park’s Lady vengeance really raised several answers, ok for the vengeance if someone else does it for me, ok if I am not alone doing it, but would it bring our kids back to life? Seems that letting the justice doing its job is the least solution… It is funny because I am currently watching this Korean drama called “City Hunter” and the super hot Lee Min-ho is seeking for vengeance as well, but no blood… WHAT! Vengeance doesn’t bring anyone to life says the hero. Indeed. I feel bad asking that question as I never had to think about vengeance. Some of us probably did…

I am really interested how Korea produces so many films about vengeance and how well they can be done. They are extremely violent for most of them, (watching an american “thriller” movie feels like walking in a candy field) and yet, very psychological. “Old boy” was a masterpiece, so my disappointment after watching the Lady, but the last one really supported this idea of “and you, what would you do ?”. It was slower, sensual as the woman and lead by a great actress Lee Young-Ae.

Anyway, I am not done with my trip among Korean movies. Sorry my english isn’t good enough to develop more ideas with less mistakes.


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