Closet part 2

Model : Lilly

And a lot of Undiz underwear.

So this time we were at home, where I wish to create a photostudio.

It has a lot of good sides to shoot indoor, at home… it is warm, I can take my time… drink wine… making bondage mistakes (there are a few in the picture I am showing but because I am starting again, I have to accept mistakes!) (otherwise I wouldn’t show any of my work…), do nude. No stress !

So here are the results, comments much appreciated !


Renaissance, slowly.

November 2016.

With Lilly.

Always be with someone you trust when you decide to try again. I felt clumsy and on a very unknown territory for about 1 hour of shooting. It was like seeing a new world with new eyes, trying to recall useless memories… how ironic it is to do it in a cemetery ! Or how powerful ?!

There will be more to come, as I feel really high on the long gone feeling of creativity in process.

Here are few pieces of what happened at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

And because it is always fun to start anew with unknown stuff, I shooted mostly with my Sigma wide angle…

Model : Lilly ❤


dsc_4180 dsc_4211



dsc_4231 dsc_4266

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Dark bride – part III

Chaos and freedom,

Why an update so quick ? I cut my thumb at work so the only thing I can do is geeking all day… hate it. Here is the last part of our day with Marie.

Model : Marie Mei

Stylist and hair : Rozy Trotter

Clothing by Rozy too !


Dark Bride – part II

Seeking freedom.

Model : Marie Mei

Stylist : Rozy Trotter

Same day, same place !



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