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Calcium particles can give signals of heart disease: study

Men in South Asian countries, including India, can cause calcium particles sticking to the walls of the artery, indicating heart-related diseases. This can help in developing the methods of treatment. According to a group of researchers from the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF), people in South Asia are more likely to have cardiovascular diseases. More than […]

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The right care of infants is protected from deadly infections: WHO study

By providing initial compulsory neonatal care (EENC) to infants as early as possible, two-thirds of them can be protected from deadly infections. This information has been given in the World Health Organization’s study. Fractions on the face and females increase hair stress According to this study conducted in Vietnam, it is beneficial for Eenc to be […]

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blood test child knee weekness

Avoiding Exercise, forgetting the disease, Learn how

if you often forget things by keeping things or you do not remember anything, then you may have started showing symptoms of forgetfulness, but by doing regular exercise or daily work of the house, memory power can be retained. According to a news agency language, according to a research, adults who have started seeing symptoms of […]

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The general weakness increases in the growing age, the risk of this disease

Scientists have said in recent research that the risk of physically impaired people with dementia is more prone to dementia. The team of scientists led by Professor Kenneth Rockwood of Dalhousie University of Canada researched more than 450 people. Professor Rockwood said, “There is a high probability of weakening of the minds of physically challenged people.” Read […]

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Just a blood test and 16 years ago you will hear the knock of this dangerous disease, know what it is

Dementia can now be detected through a blood test. The special thing is that this age of forgetful attachment associated with growing age will last two decades. According to a recent study, dementia can be tested only 16 years before the symptoms of illness through simple blood test. In this way, the disease can be detected even before […]

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Sleeping and awake on time, will be so knowledgeable about the benefits that will be surprised

Not only is not enough sleep to be healthy, but it is also very important to take the time to sleep and get up at the right time. Doing so is a treat to many diseases. At times, giving information about the benefits of sleeping and waking 2/5 No less than a boon Sleep is not less […]

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