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If you have a habit of keeping the smartphone in the head, then be aware that it may be a serious illness

Not even a moment’s distance from the smartphone? Is there a habit of keeping a smartphone in bed while sleeping? If so, be careful. Many universities, including the UK’s ecosystem, have been linked to the dangers of mobile radiation from cancer to impotence. Fear of Cancer International Cancer Research Agency has placed electromagnetic radiation emanating from mobile phones […]

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blood test calcium child dna

Forgetting the idea of ​​dieting in January, a University of California claim

If you are working on the idea of ​​dieting in January then believe it will not be of any use. In January, forget about dieting. A University of California research has claimed that the Diet Marketing Fund is in the new year. Therefore, its failure is almost fixed. Neurologists said, the human brain does not accept any change easily. […]

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Health Tips: If You Have Pain in the Neck, Change Some Habits

Today, people living in cities are so busy that they do not even know when the disease was attacked. Headache in the diseases caused by a busy routine is neck pain. What is this problem and how can you survive this, giving information is Amrita Prakash Neck work is to support the body’s most important organ ‘head’ […]

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Due to good memory, Chakrasan, Read Chakrasan practice method and boundaries

Lack of remembrance power has today become a serious health problem in people of all ages. Remembrance has a special role in the all-round development of man, but today’s stressful lifestyle has not only weakened our memory but also has become contaminated. A permanent solution to this problem can be solved by changing the compound lifestyle, ethics […]

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Believe it is more to men than men

‘It does not hurt the man.’ This dialogue of Bollywood movie “Man” is very famous. But the story of the real world is different from that. According to a recent research, the males also suffer from pain and they feel more pain than women in times of sadness. Researchers say that women and men feel pain differently. According to the […]

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blood test calcium child health

Bad habits weaken you: report

The bad addiction between Bhagat Road, the disorganized lifestyle, the burden of work and the mental stress is increasing people’s problems, because their physical energy goes away day after day. Experts explain this as a serious concern. Rajat Trehan, founder of Clinical Nutrition, Dietician and Heel Your Body, said that people need to think about the […]

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Calcium particles can give signals of heart disease: study

Men in South Asian countries, including India, can cause calcium particles sticking to the walls of the artery, indicating heart-related diseases. This can help in developing the methods of treatment. According to a group of researchers from the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF), people in South Asia are more likely to have cardiovascular diseases. More than […]

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So why are there so many delicious dishes that appear during the diet

If you are engaged in weight loss drills, you may find yourself eating more delicious food these days. You do not want to be attracted to eating again and again. Why does this happen? Recently, scientists have curtailed this state after research. Researchers at the University of Birmingham have researched through a study that thinking about food causes […]

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Fractions on the face and females increase hair stress

Acne and hair on women’s faces have become a common problem in the present. Due to these women are faced with the state of shyness in the society as well as the risk of emotional stress and depression. This problem is called polycystic overian syndrome (PCOS), which can reduce emotional stress by getting appropriate treatment soon. Both […]

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blood test child dna health

Instead of sitting longer than these tips, you will find many health benefits

due to desk job or lack of time people do not get time to exercise and spend most of the time sitting. But if 30 minutes of physical activity is done then you get many health benefits. Dr. K. HCFI President. Of According to Agarwal, doing physical activity of 30 minutes less intensity results in many physical problems and […]

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