So why are there so many delicious dishes that appear during the diet
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So why are there so many delicious dishes that appear during the diet

If you are engaged in weight loss drills, you may find yourself eating more delicious food these days. You do not want to be attracted to eating again and again. Why does this happen? Recently, scientists have curtailed this state after research.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have researched through a study that thinking about food causes you to start eating around your eyes. Then why do not you think about it only to make the distance from food, even in such a situation, delicious food items do not want to be seen more often around.

Increased eating desire
study included 43 obese people and 49 healthy participants participated. Participants were given the task of remembering the picture of food. After this the participants were told to see a circle on the screen as fast as possible. On the same screen, a square was asked to ignore. During some investigations, pictures of food items were kept in the circle. Some were kept in the square

The results of the study show that when the food items were placed in the square, the participants felt relieved to find the circle. According to Suzanne Higane, chief researcher of the study, ‘We suggest that the desire to eat more than the thought of food increases. Human beings are reactive towards foods that are visible nearby. This kind of desire and habit is the reason for weight gain for a long time.

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Researchers say that during dieting, focusing on any other work should not be considered more about food. It is found that meditation can be deviated from the puzzles, games and interests etc., which gives less time to think about food.

Dieting is more effective than taking a fast,
a research conducted by the University of Adelaide states that for weight loss, there is a much more effective fasting than dieting. 88 women were researched for 10 weeks, where they were initially dieted. Later the researchers kept continuous vow from them during the next 10 weeks. During this research, it was found that women who had fasting compared to women doing less were found to have lost weight. Scientists say that it is not possible to do long-term dieting, so fasting is more effective to control weight.

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