If you have a habit of keeping the smartphone in the head, then be aware that it may be a serious illness
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If you have a habit of keeping the smartphone in the head, then be aware that it may be a serious illness

Not even a moment’s distance from the smartphone? Is there a habit of keeping a smartphone in bed while sleeping? If so, be careful. Many universities, including the UK’s ecosystem, have been linked to the dangers of mobile radiation from cancer to impotence.

Fear of
Cancer International Cancer Research Agency has placed electromagnetic radiation emanating from mobile phones in the category of potential carcinogens. He has warned that excessive use of the smartphone can cause tumors to grow in the brain and in the ear, in the future, there is a possibility of cancer formation.

the study of UK’s Extraterrestrial Decree 2014 crisis , the study of the University of Exeter found direct intercourse with impotence of electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones. Researchers had revealed that keeping a smartphone in pants’ pocket not only reduces the production of sperms in men but also slow down its speed to fertilize the eggs.

The risk of burning and bursting
‘July 2014: A fire in the phone of 13-year-old teenager sleeping in a pillow under Dillas in Dallas
‘ May 2015: Both Kishore’s phone and mattress, charging the phone in Connecticut, were burnt
‘ June 2018: Young man sleeping in deep sleep in Kuala Lumpur burns due to smartphone break, broken during treatment

Sleep disturbs blue light In
2017 a study by Israeli Hypha University advised to stop using the screen half an hour before sleeping. Researchers say that the blue light emanating from the screen of smartphone, computer and TVs ‘sleep hormones’ interferes the production of melatonin. This not only causes the person to suffer from sleep, but also in the morning, tiredness, weakness and complaining of heavyness also complicates.

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