Believe it is more to men than men
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Believe it is more to men than men

‘It does not hurt the man.’ This dialogue of Bollywood movie “Man” is very famous. But the story of the real world is different from that. According to a recent research, the males also suffer from pain and they feel more pain than women in times of sadness. Researchers say that women and men feel pain differently. According to the study men are more sensitive in pain feeling.

Men remember pain: According to the study, men do not just feel pain, but they also remember painful experiences more clearly than women. Men often get more stress when there is a similar kind of pain. At the same time, women suffer a nostalgic attitude. Experiences of previous pain experiences also do not affect their work.

Study on mice: This study was done on the first mice. Later it was done on humans to confirm its findings. Scientists say that it can prove helpful in the treatment of severe pain. Professor Jeffrey Mogil of McGill University’s Pen Studies, who is associated with the study, says, ‘We used to look at the susceptibility of pain in rats. Stunning results were received in mail and female rats. After this, we decided to extend the study on humans and the results remain the same. We were surprised to see that the same difference was found in women and men, just like rats. In the study 41 men and 38 women aged between 18 and 40 took part. got involved. The results of the study have been published in the Current Biology Journal.

In fact, the pain is whether
health professionals decide different definitions for different types of pain. The short-term pain is called ‘acute pen’. Such as the sprain of the foot etc. Chronic pain is called a ‘persistent or chronic pen’, such as arthritis and back pain. The pain that is caused by pain and then the recovery is called ‘recurrent or intermediate pen’. Toothache is like this. Signs of pain use the spinal cord and nerve fibers to travel to the brain. Pain is never in the brain or just in the body. This is a complex mixture, in which both are involved.

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