Avoiding Exercise, forgetting the disease, Learn how
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Avoiding Exercise, forgetting the disease, Learn how

if you often forget things by keeping things or you do not remember anything, then you may have started showing symptoms of forgetfulness, but by doing regular exercise or daily work of the house, memory power can be retained. According to a news agency language, according to a research, adults who have started seeing symptoms of Alzheimer’s age, they can be kept alive daily if they exercise daily or daily at home.

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Research has shown that exercise is the cheapest way to improve health, to create a protective effect on the brain. “We analyzed the physical activity of people who attended the research on average two years before their death and then studied the brain tissues donated after death,” said Aron S. Bucheman of Rush University in the US. We found that active lifestyle could have a protective effect on the brain. The researchers found that when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are present in the brain, keeping the body active can help to maintain cognitive defense.

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