Alzheimer's secret is hidden in the brain's veins: study
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Alzheimer’s secret is hidden in the brain’s veins: study

According to a recent study, leakage blood vessels in the brain may be indicative of dementia. However, earlier studies had focused on those places in the brain rather than the blood vessels flowing, which started making clots. With this the neurons become smooth and start destroying.

In the new study, researchers from the University of Southern California say that the body’s thinner blood-vessel cells, which are associated with small arteries and veins, begin to seep due to the presence of toxic toxic proteins. According to researchers, repairing them may prevent dementia from turning into Alzheimer ‘s.

Poisonous protein gets accumulated: The blood vessels of the healthy adults in the brain of the healthy adults are extremely harsh. Because of this, no external organisms can enter the brain organs. It is known as ‘Blood-brain barrier’. But with increasing age, these blood vessels do not remain so strict and fall loose. This leads to the entry of amyloid beta and tooth protein in the brain. These proteins soften and weaken the nerve cells, which can cause problems like memory loss and confusion.

According to Dr. Arthur Toga, chief author and researcher of the Stevens Neuroimaging and Informative Institute in the Kike School of Medicine, California, if the ‘blood-brain barrier’ does not function properly, the possibility of destruction of nerve cells is high. . According to the study, leakage in the blood vessels indicates that these nerve cells are unable to provide nutrition and blood flow as needed. It is probable that there is a contamination of the contaminated variety in the brain.

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Studies on people over 45 years of age in
this study, published in Nature Medicine, the team studied 161 people aged 45 years and above for five years. Several types of goals were given to test participants. These included memorizing the list of some words and summaries. Through this, memory and cognitive thinking were tested. Based on the presentation of the participants, they were given a ‘clinical dementia score’. This score was given on a five-digit scale, which tells the symptoms of dementia. Zero score showed ‘normal’ results. At the same time, three scores meant ‘serious dementia.’

After the participants’ leakage found in the blood vessels
, researchers scanned the brain and analyzed the ‘cerebral spinal fluid’ by measuring how many cells are in the hippocampus and how much leakage a part of the brain that transmits memory Researchers in their study found that in the memory test, poor level participants had the highest leakage in blood vessels.

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What is
Alzheimer ‘s Alzheimer ‘s is a brain deformity, which gradually eliminates memory, the ability to think, and the ability to do simple work. Alzheimer’s causes in 60 to 70 percent of dementia cases. Alzheimer’s is the highest in people 65 years of age or older. Although due to Alzheimer’s, it is still unknown. Approximately 57 million Americans of all ages are under the influence of Alzheimer’s. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this number can increase up to 140 lakh in the next four decades.

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